Top 5 XBOX One Games of 2016

One of the biggest questions for every serious gamer heading into a New Year is what the biggest game releases are going to be for that year. There are a host of games available for everyone cell phone spy software to be able to choose from and experiment with, but there will no doubt be a few titles that stand clear above the rest. Some of the best titles released on Microsoft’s console in 2015 included Fallout 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and FIFA 16. The Fallout series has stayed one of the most popular games among fans with every title it has released, and FIFA is becoming more popular even among gamers who, when it came to sports game, generally preferred NBA 2K or the latest edition of Madden over the soccer franchise.

What the best titles will be in 2016 is a new question altogether. Staying with the same games year after year can become repetitive, even when they are releasing sequels. The COD series and Assassin’s Creed saga are staples to be sure, but gamers are wanting some new games that are going to challenge them in a whole new way. So, it’s time to count down some of the hottest XBOX One game releases of 2016.

2016’s 5 Best XBOX One Games

Gears of War 4

Development of this successful franchise of XBOX games has been taken over by Microsoft, who purchased the series from its original developer, Epic Games. The next installment in the Gears of War series’ anticipated release is late in 2016, hopefully before the holiday season. So far the game is set to release on the XBOX One and not the PS4, which makes sense considering Microsoft has taken over the development, along with the development company called The Coalition.  What we know so far is that the game will feature new characters, including JD Fenix, the son of the previous games’ protagonist. The game will mainly feature 2 player co-op, both locally and via XBOX Live.

Sea of Thieves

This pirate adventure game has XBOX One gamers excited. The game is set to be released on the XBOX One and on PCs. Rather than going for a realistic world, the trailer and screenshots revealed by the developers depict a 3D world almost reminiscent of an animated film. That being said, the graphics are still quite detailed and impressive. Playing a pirate with their friends is sure to excite many XBOX Live subscribers in 2016.

Madden 17

The new edition of Madden always has some appeal thanks to the new roster updates and the excitement of the new football season. But this year’s edition of the popular football franchise is sure to offer something special. With the retirement of greats such as Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson, and Marshawn Lynch, there is sure to be a lot of room opening up on rosters, making everything a little more interesting.

Quantum Break

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Quantum Break is that it follows a live-action series. It’s defined as an action-adventure third person shooter, and players will play as Jack Joyce, a man with the ability to manipulate time. That’s sure to remind some gamers of Max Payne. An interesting thing about Quantum Break is that the plot of the game is set to follow an include live-action series, produced by Lifeboat Productions and Microsoft.

Crackdown 3

This is another game that will be available exclusively for XBOX One owners. An allure of the multiplayer mode is that everything in the entire game will be able to be destroyed. The point of the game is to play as a cop, in a sandbox-style world of a futuristic city, and play through the game attempting to stop the antagonistic crime empire.

Whatever someone’s taste of video games is, they’re sure to find something that is suitable for them in 2016. The one thing every XBOX One owner has in common is the anticipation in awaiting these exciting new games.